Web Content Outsourcing Example

Here is a project charter example for a proposed outsourcing effort. In this case, a small online publisher would like to outsource article writing to subject matter experts to achieve income growth goals. The project duration will be approximately four months and will cost about $6,000.  Here is the Excel template used for the charter.

project charter example - outsourcing
Here is a Project Charter for an Outsourcing Project

Here are a few supporting notes for this charter –

  • The project should be an easy sell, based on the six month payback period. Additionally, the project description notes that the year-one incremental advertising sales should be higher in years two and three as the content matures and achieves higher search engine rankings.
  • If the financial payback figures are not compelling enough, the Business Need section goes one step further, stating that the project is a must-do in order to achieve sales growth targets for current and future years.
  • This is a very low risk project, with the worst case scenario being lower-than-expected incremental sales. This risk is relatively low since the payback for the project is so strong to begin with. Even if the incremental sales estimates are double the actuals, the payback will still be a very attractive one year timeframe.